About Ellis

My name is Ellis and I love creating things that make life a little more beautiful, and trying to making it look good ;-)


Whether it concerns interior design, painting or ceramics, color combinations are always the guiding principle. Colors add spice to life. There are already enough beige, nondescript and safe interiors. Not that that isn't nice, but it is also nice to  be able to stand out from the crowd and listen to your own taste. I think the trick is to use colors without overdoing it. 


Graphic design was my core  occupartion, and besides that I painted a lot. During Covid I got in thouch with ceramics and  totaly  fell in love with this. It gives you so many ways expressing yourself and clay has so many possibilities. The main thing I love about this , is the moment when you open your oven. It is allways a surprise ! Unfortunately not every time a good one  because things can brake or the glazed don't come out the you wanted to. But that's a part of ceramics , accept the failures and continue.


The last few years I followed several throwing and handbuilding courses but there is still so much more to learn. I think I prefer the handbuilding part because it is more versatile but the throwing is a  good variety and it sometimes comes in handy when I need a quick shape for my handbuiling projects.